What Is the Death Race? Where is the Death Race?When is the Death Race? Death Racing Defined Who Organizes the Death Race and How does it benefit the town?
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Welcome to the 2006 edition of the Canadian Death Race.
 Prepare yourself as this is no ordinary race. . .

The Canadian Death Race: Are You Tough Enough?

Yup! That’s our motto. We designed the Canadian Death Race to ask one question and one question alone, "Are you tough enough?" It's time to put up or shut up. Park your ego at the door. The gloves are off, the training is over, now its time to find out if you've got what it takes to complete one of the toughest adventure races in the world. You must come totally committed, fully prepared and well trained. It's all or nothing, and we take no prisoners! If you finish under the cut off time, you win! It's that simple. Upon finishing you gain the title of "Death Racer" complete with all the bragging rights that anyone will be able to stand, plus an ultra cool framed trophy display case complete with scenic photo taken along the race course, a limited edition death race coin, and your name and time engraved within the case.

Under 16 but still want to be a Death Racer? See Kid's Death Race.

What the Hell is the Canadian Death Race Anyway?

Ever heard of the sport of Extreme Racing?  Well, up herein Grande Cache, Alberta, we have created an event so epic it is worthy of this Extreme title.  Death Racing is something a few of us from up here have been doing for almost a decade, but we are now ready to share our extreme playground with you.  You must truly have the curiosity of a cat, the constitution of an ox, and the spirit of adventure, although your friends and loved ones may have a completely different description of our mental health.  Consider running for 125km over rough, mountain trails, through pristine forests shared with resident wildlife, over ragged, rocky, and sometimes wet or snow-covered, seemingly endless terrain.  Sounds pretty tough?  Well, add the fact that you are journeying over three different mountain summits and are gaining over 17,000 feet in elevation, crossing over a major river by raft, (At our spectacular Hell's Gates canyon at the confluence of the Smoky and Sulphur Rivers.) plus running part of this race in the dark and there you have it - the makings of our larger-than-life world-class event, the Canadian Death Race!

We further merge our adventure race with the dark Greek myth of Charon, the ferryman of the dead. The myth states that upon passing into the realm of the dead, spirit travelers would have to pay for passage across the river Styx into Haddes. The price was one gold coin per soul. Those not possessing the fare were condemned to wander the banks of the Styx for eternity. One very special coin will be given to each team and solo racer as they traverse from this world into the next. Relay racers must pass the coin from person to person, and summit to summit never losing sight of the fact that only when presented to the ferryman will you be provided safe passage across Hell’s Gates. And so it will be with you. Your journey will be fraught with hardship and suffering. Only the strongest among you will reign victorious. Good Luck. Train Hard. Go like Hell.

Where is the Death Race?

Join us for an adventure holiday in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills. Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada is located 140 km North of Hinton, and 180 km South of Grande Prairie on the Bighorn Highway 40. Grande Cache is nestled on top of a 4,200 ft plateau and is surrounded by 6000 ft to 7000 ft mountains on all sides. The scenery is as impressive as the challenge that lies ahead. Train hard... train very hard; we consider this to be the toughest race in Canada. But don't take our word for it. Come experience the newest and baddest extreme race on the block, and find out why we call it the Death Race.

When is the Death Race?

The Death Race is always held during the August long weekend. For this year that will be August 4-7th, 2006.

Death Racing Defined

An adventure is rarely thrilling and exciting while it is happening, but rather a perilous calamity often with life and death a distinct possibility. However, after the experience, with the passage of time, these situations ferment in our minds, the pain goes away but the memory lives vividly on. It is these experiences that make the best stories, which we call adventures. Therefore the definition of an adventure can be said to be adversity recalled in times of tranquility. The nature of Death Racing is at the core of this concept .

The sport of extreme racing is growing by leaps and bounds as individuals around the world challenge themselves to complete physically exhausting races and test their limits of endurance, mental toughness, and human spirit. The term "death racing" was coined by racers exclaiming they were "dead tired" or "looked like death" as they competed. Some said racers were on a "death wish", and some even claimed that they had "cheated death". The phrase caught on and now athletes refer to extreme endurance sporting events, affectionately, as "Death Racing".

Who Organizes the Race and How does it benefit the town:

The Canadian Death Race is organized by the Canadian Institute of Extreme Racing, a Non-Profit incorporated society of Alberta, Canada
that is dedicated to promoting the sport of extreme racing and tourism initiatives.   The Institute organizes and promotes events that will help
maximize the tourism potential of our community and is involved in many ways within our community including:

  • Passport to the Peaks Program administered by the Institute.
  • Grande Cache Wild River Kayak Rendezvous held here every year on the first weekend in June.
  • Free Sponsored Swims during Death Race Weekend (Free public swimming for all)
  • Donations and gift baskets to the Don Shore memorial Golf Tournament.
  • Donations of   raffle prizes to numerous community organizations (GCTOA, Communities in Bloom, Otters etc.)
  • Donations of entry fees as prizes to other competitions. (Red Deer)
  • Free entry for team donated as raffle prize for Otters raffle. (Valued at up to $1450)
  • Free entry for team (Valued at up to $1450) donated as incentive for local company's Death Race video and DVD sales promotion.
  •  Local Sororities benefit annually by running pasta extravaganza pre-race meal and downtown concession during the Death Race    weekend. (All racers and volunteers receive free hot meals paid for entirely by the Institute to the Sororities, which in turn donates all proceeds to charity and non-profit groups)
  • 100% of Prayer Flag donations donated to GC Firefighters Association and associated charities.(Search and Rescue and hospital
  • Equipment donated to the Cadets wilderness challenge annually.
  • Equipment loaned to the Recreation Center's children's triathlon program.
  • Equipment loaned to Summitview School for sports days.
  • Trail Development, grooming, marking, and maintenance on local trails.
  • Members of Grande Cache Chamber of Commerce.
  • Members of Grande Cache Tourism Operator's Association
  •  Flags donated to town to be put up each year.
  • Tourism Awareness and attraction. (Largest single event held in town bringing in well in excess of $1 million to our community annuallly.
  • Mail out of  Grande Cache Tourism information (promotion) included with Global Racer mailouts annually.
  • Actively promote our area via race brochures/internet website and through media coverage.
  •  Sponsors advertisements/coupons etc. included into each racer's kit and volunteers's kit at no charge.
  •  Free Entry into race for Media personnel (Tourism awareness and exposure incentive) and media packages.
  •  Subsidize Kids Death Race enabling each successful runner to receive a cast Death Race medal as well as t-shirts and assorted prizes.
  •  Each volunteer is given a free Death Race token (t-shirt, hat, cheering bell etc.) for their valuable assistance.
  •  Promote "Shop Locally and Promote Globally." (Aid station and concession foods, and Death Race equipment purchased locally whenever possible)
  • Local facilities rented for meetings and other race purposes. (Akasaka Rec. Center, Curling Lounge,Bighorn Golden Age Club)
  • Hire Locally (Death Race prize plaques and engraving completed locally as well as our graphic artist, necessary construction projects (fence) vehicle maintenance, locksmithing, race prize embroidery and race administration staff all  hired locally.)
  •  Festival of Adventure fundraiser for Chamber of Commerce.
  • GC Curling club breakfast concession fundraiser during Death Race.
  •  Licenses given to local merchants to produce and sell Death Race Logo merchandise.
  • Training camps provided for athletes and active lifestyle promoted locally.
  • Town of Grande Cache tent city fundraiser.
  • Local billeting program during race benefits local homeowners.   We provide free internet billeting bulletin board and 100% of rental proceeds are paid directly to homeowners.
  • Providing limited low income housing for Seniors.
Contact us: info@canadiandeathrace.com

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